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So you want to know what you can do to boost internet speed? Surprise! Who wouldn’t?

Trust me I’m an eighty’s kid, and high speed used to be a myth for us back then. We used to have Dial-Up connections and even getting connected was a feel-good feeling. WiFi and other cool stuff were merely a fantasy that we’d see in SciFi movies.

But nowadays, whether you’re at college, home, office or even at vacations a high-speed internet connection is a must. I can’t imagine myself working with slow internet. I mean I get frustrated when my high-speed internet connection doesn’t stream high-quality videos and takes time to buffer them.

Anyways, today I’m going to share a few troubleshooting steps that I learned while working for an ISP that you can perform on your own and boost internet speed significantly. However, if that doesn’t solve the concern, you may call the providers directly.

Determine if You’re Getting Slow Internet Speed

This is not rocket science. If you feel that you’re getting slow speed, the first step that you should take is to determine that you are getting a slow internet speed. 

For that, you can simply go to the Internet Speed Test and check current speed, compare it with the plan that you’re subscribed to and if there is a significant difference in the speed then continue with the below-mentioned steps because you can’t boost internet speed beyond the subscribed plan.

Check if You’ve Reached The Data Cap

Ok, not every plan that your ISP offers are an unlimited bandwidth plan with high speed. Many ISPs introduce plans that have an FUP (Fair Usage Policy) restrictions on them, and once you cross that bandwidth limit, your speed gets slow.

So if you see that you’re getting a slow speed then do check if you have crossed the data limit before calling internet provider’s customer support. Because if you’ve crossed this limit, there is no way you are getting any help from them.

The only solution you have in this case is either upgrading your plan or wait till you get a new limit.

Test a Different Modem/Router

This step can only be performed if you have a spare modem/router. Most of the time the main culprit for slow internet speed is faulty equipment. However, not everyone keeps a spare modem/router. In that scenario try rebooting the device and also try resetting it.

Caution, Do not reset the device if you don’t have login credentials handy. Even if you do not have a slow internet speed issue at hand, periodically restart your modem/ router. This helps a great deal releasing static from the devices.

All you have to do is just shut down devices for a couple of minutes.

Scan Your Computer For Virus/Adware Infections

We all know how nasty viruses can be. They are really bad stuff. We recommend that you run a virus scan by any good antivirus engine weekly. 

I use Malwarebytes. I had created one “Satak Malware Buster” but couldn’t keep on updating that. Anyhow that’s not the concern here. So if you have any virus/adware infection, getting rid of that crap can sure boost internet speed.

One thing that we usually ignore in Adware. They are not as notorious as viruses, but they are one of the main culprits when we talk about slow internet. The adware usually does not cause any harm, but they take up a lot of resources to display different ads.

This high consumption of resources usually causes slow internet speed. Getting rid of Adware will hundred percent boost internet speed.

While you are scanning your computer for viruses and adware also run a junk cleaner. Junk cleaners help clean your hard drive. A healthy hard drive provides a smooth operating experience, Always!

Check For Source Of Interference

You may not need to check this if you’re not using Wifi. Many devices that we use like Microwave, Cordless phones, etc. can interfere with Wifi Connection. So the suggestion here is to temporarily move these things away.

If you can’t move them then at least turn them off. If all of this is not possible in that case changing channel settings from the router’s login page can be used to boost internet speed.

Relocate Wireless Router Or Computer

This step is again for wireless connections. If your router and computer are placed at a distance, then poor signals can cause slow speed. Moving these devices closer to each other can help strengthening the wireless signals hence will boost internet speed.

My recommendation is to keep the router at a higher place which is properly ventilated. Also, try and pick up a can of compressed air and blow of any dirt that may have accumulated. Check for a loose cable connection between your modem and router.

These small things not only help boost internet speed but also make sure that the devices last longer.

Check Your Filters/Splitters If You Have A DSL Connection

Usually one does not need filters/splitters for a no DSL connection. In DSL connections you require these devices because you have both phone connection and an internet connection on the same line.

High-quality filters/splitters reduce any kind of interruption in the signals and guarantee smooth operation either if you are making a call or you are using it for the internet. If these devices are faulty in that case both the service will not be as good as they should be.

Optimize Your Browsers

If you are serious to boost internet speed, you have to consider optimizing your browser. More than 90% of users only access the internet through browsers.

They use it for a variety of purposes ranging from social networking websites, checking emails (yes most of us don’t use an email client like outlook to check our emails), watching movies and favorite shows, YouTube and yes if some time is left then for work too.

Since a lot of action is being performed with browsers alone, it’s obvious that it gets clogged with a lot of junk too. Also, a lot of users don’t know the criticalities of installing a lot of untested and unknown extensions to the browser.

So it’s recommended that you don’t install any extension unless you’ve tested that. Performing this test will help you boost internet speed. So to optimize your browser clean the cache, remove any toolbar that’s installed, update it and also try different browsers.

I do not recommend resetting the browser if you’ve saved passwords unless you remember them or know how to recover them.

While I was working with the ISP mentioned above this step resolved almost half the slow speed issues.

Try A Direct Connection

I admit, WiFi is cool, but sometimes it’s practically impossible to tell or eliminate where the interference is coming from. I understand that you’ve moved your devices around, you’ve shut down other instruments, you’ve checked different router/modem, but still, there is slow speed.

In this case, before you call your provider we recommend connecting the cable connection between your router and computer. Chances are very thin that it’ll make any difference, but it’s worth a try because I’ve seen and resolved multiple issues with just this simple step.

Try Release/Renew IP Address

Among all the steps that I’ve suggested above, I guess this is going to be the only step that you hear seldom. To perform this step you have to access “Command Prompt.”

You can follow any of the methods listed in the attached article to access the command prompt (Black Window).

Launch Command Prompt

Once you are in the command prompt, you have to type ipconfig /release, press Enter, and it will release the current IP configuration. This is half the work done. Please don’t panic if you don’t have an internet connection at this time.

Now it’s time for completing the command. In the same command prompt window, you have to type ipconfig /renew, press Enter. Once you do this, you’ll have to wait for some time because this is the time when your DHCP (Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol) server assigns a new IP address to you or maybe the same IP address after refreshing it.

Usually, this step is not performed commonly, but this is a very effective troubleshooting step and helps a great deal to boost internet speed.

Call Service Provider

Oh, So now you’re feeling like a technical wizard, and none of this helped. All the effort that you have made failed to boost internet speed. Man!

Now you know that you are not getting a service that you are paying for. Now is the time when you call your service provider and take their happiness away. But I suggest staying calm.

There are certainly a lot of other troubleshooting steps that can help you boost internet speed, but these were the only steps we used to perform before sending a guy to check if there is something wrong with the line or not.