FAQ Turbo Speed Test

What is Turbospeedtest.com measuring?

Turbospeedtest.com measures your estimated internet download and upload speed. You will generally be able to get this speedtest result from all the leading internet services, which use globally distributed servers.

Why does Turbospeedtest.com only report on download and upload speed not the ping results?

Download speed is usually the most relevant for a general user who is consuming the internet followed by uploading speed that is not reqquired by many however ping test doesn't make any sense to many and we want Turbospeedtest.com to be a very simple and fast speed test. Though if requeted by users we may introduce ping test as well.

Why does Turbospeedtest.com not report on latency, jitter and other things?

Turbospeedtest.com is a simple-to-use way for Users to test what speed their ISP is providing. It is not a network engineer's analysis and diagnostic speed test suite.

How is the download and Upload speed calculated?

To calculate the download and upload speed, Turbospeedtest.com performs a series of downloads and uploads from our servers and calculate the average speed of these tests as the final internet speed. Sometimes the internet speedtest result may affect by our server response time.

Will the Turbospeedtest.com speed test work everywhere in the world?

Turbospeedtest.com will test internet speed on any device (phone, laptop, or smart TV) that has a functional browser globally..

Is there an Android or iTunes App for Turbo Speedtest?

There is no app so far for any of the platforms however we will update our users as soon as we have developed and tested the apps.

What can I do if I'm not getting the speed I pay for?

If results from Turbospeedtest.com and other internet speed tests very often show less speed than you have paid for, you can ask your ISP about the results.